Questions Are The Best!


All you need to do is pop in your questions and the team will get to work! 

Give us some time to process your questions. Once you ask your questions, it automatically is packaged in bubble wrap and transported to the question launch pad. Here it is greeted by the question-aerospace engineers. These professionals have the highest level of education humanly possible, then they went and received another degree in the Questionalogical Sciences.
They bring your question to the space shuttle named "Inquire". Supplies are stocked and the team takes off into space. Lucky for your question, Inquire travels at the speed of light and lands on the planet named Response in the Query Galaxy. 

Once they have landed and unpacked your question, it moves to The Solution Team. After many sleepless nights of debating, researching, and collaborating, The Solution Team crafts the perfect response. Their technology team then teleports their answer back to Modern Real Estate Radio's Headquarters. Modern Real Estate Radio, has a final look at the answer and makes sure that it is distilled down to an actionable response (and we remove any alien words). 

Finally, we bring it into the studio, and with care, focus, and thoughtfulness, we broadcast the answer over the airwaves.

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