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Price Reductions (Renzo Real Estate) 

The dreaded price reduction: not the most fun part of real estate sales. Out of all the conversations you have with a client, price reductions can be one of the most challenging. Therefore, know you are not alone if you are shaking when dialling your seller's phone number. 

Without a doubt, my voice has cracked once or twice during these conversations. I found them so tricky that I began to research every method out there to find a system and script that worked. I pulled from real estate trainers, websites, books, and I even cornered some top producers and asked them. 

2 Traits The Guarentee You will be Successful in Real Estate (Renzo Real Estate) 

Then there are those success stories of an agent breaking through the setbacks and creating a life for himself/herself. 
There are two traits that if honed will guarantee success in real estate.  These are grit and curiosity.

Every time I sit down with a potential agent looking to join my brokerage, I am assessing how gritty they are and how curious they are. Regardless of your production, age, or experience, if you are gritty and curious, I will invest my time and brokerage resources in you.