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Modern Real Estate Radio


What is this all about?

The Experience

Modern Real Estate Radio is here for the innovative real estate agent who is looking to up their game in our quickly changing industry. Listeners believe in improving the industry, staying ahead of the curve and building strong business strategies to have a successful career in real estate.

You will hear from real estate movers, shakers, and game changers. You will be in the know when it comes to real estate technology and your business will grow.  

It's fast, fun, engaging, and impactful.   

Tune into Modern Real Estate Radio today on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  


Get to the point

What to expect

Tune in to the show for:

  • The Latest Real Estate News

  • Real Estate Technology Coverage

  • Tips, FAQ, Advice, Answers & More

  • Stimulating Conversations

  • Insightful Guests

Help Define the Future of Real Estate. 


Learn from the best

You will hear from some of the leading experts in the real estate industry. These hand selected pros are here to provide you with tips from their toolbox and leave you with actionable steps to improve your real estate business.  

I hope you brought your ball glove, we have some big hitters coming your way! 

Stay Ahead of The Curve 

With a rapidly changing industry and technology tools being added daily, Modern Real Estate Radio will guide you through the clever new tech that can make your life easier.  

Let's lose the fax machine and walk you through the new tools in real estate. 

Improve the Industry 

Yes, yes, yes, we know that the public perception of the real estate industry could be better. The agent of tomorrow will be a valued resource and role model in their community. We have a few pointers! 

Think today's buzz words: authenticity, value, being of service (seriously great buzz words! )



Come on now, we know that social media is not a waste of time and landing pages are important. We have your back when putting together marketing strategies for today's buyer/seller. 

Prepare yourself for strategies and marketing of the future. 



Where is the Show

Location, Location, Location


If you have a smartphone and a set of earbuds, you can subscribe to the show. Modern Real Estate Radio is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.


Broadcasting From

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Calgary is a welcoming and exciting city located just outside the Rocky Mountains. Calgary is home to the legendary Calgary Stampede. Giddy Up! 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for
— A Smart Unknown Person

Some of the Supporters 

Partners & Pals

Without the help of our Partners & Pals, Modern Real Estate Radio would just be static on the airwaves. Learn more about each of the wonderful partners and sponsors below. 


Renzo Real Estate

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